Wordpress is one of a very popular and common content management system and it currently is used by over 60 million websites. However, if you want to build a professional WordPress site for your company, you’ll probably hit a point where you’ll need more than the system’s basic tools to get what you want. That’s where a WordPress development company comes into play.

What is a WordPress Developer?

WordPress developers know the WordPress system inside and out. WordPress is designed to be extendable and customizable. However, much of the fine-tuning requires not only knowledge of the PHP programming language but also familiarity with WordPress’s framework and hwo to modify it successfully. A WordPress developer possesses these skills and additional web development expertise needed to get the most out of the powerful WordPress system.

Advantages Of Hiring WordPress Developers

WordPress development services can get exactly what you want you want out of the WordPress CMS. They can also help you with complex tasks such as upgrades or custom functionality. One of the great things about WordPress’ design is that most changes can be made by the site’s owner with no programming expertise. A WordPress development expert can add extended functionality that also functions in this same way.

WordPress Development Services

WordPress development services have experience in all aspects of WordPress administration. Aside from adding custom features, they can help with more affordable options such as third party add-on integration. A WordPress developer service also serves in an artistic and stylistic capacity. They can take a mock up of how you’d like your site to work and convert it into a life working copy. This helps you focus on your business and what really matters, instead of getting buried in technical details. They can also handle non-creative tasks such as hosting, integration and tech support.

  • WordPress Web Development
  • Theme Development
  • CMS Development
  • WordPress Plug-in Development
  • Module Installation and System Design
  • Theme Template Customization
  • WordPress Extension / Module Development
  • WordPress Blog Development
  • WordPress Support and Maintenance

Why Choose Agency Coder As Your WordPress Development Company

Agency Coder has a tried-and-proven workflow for WordPress development. While less professional companies may simply build a quick solution for you, Agency Coder will carefully work with you to make sure your site looks and feels exactly like you want. We also offer guarantees on our work and full refunds for those who aren’t satisfied. Additionally, we stand by our work as time passes, our sites our built to last and we’ll help you resolve any issues that may come up down the line.

Leveraging WordPress puts you in control of your site’s content. A WordPress development service like Agency Coder can help that site look and work as its very best. Fill out our form today to get started!